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The Very Best Of Astrud Gilberto Rar

In 2009, things are very different, and yet, suspended in amber as Thievery Corporation's sensibilities are, Radio Retaliation's collaborations with Femi Kuti, Seu Jorge, and Anoushka Shankar still have the unfortunate effect of conjuring those weirdly uneven power dynamics. Kuti's track ("Vampires") is easily the best thing here, but it doesn't compare, viscerally, to his own recordings. Meanwhile, Jorge and Shankar's contributions feel like they might as well have been recorded 10 years ago for some tokenistic, upmarket, double-disc dinner party compilation called Global Soundz. If you remember those records, and are perhaps embarrassed that they were even tangentially a part of your life, you might have a similar twinge of unease about hearing someone revive the template now. This is all, of course, in no way meant to suggest that Thievery Corporation are doing anything other than what sounds good to them; sometimes, though, tastefulness is its own worst enemy.

the very best of astrud gilberto rar

I have been searching for any information about Maria Toledeo for over a decade.Maria Toledo is probably one of the best vocalists this world has ever had. She possessed such a wonderful voice. Paired with Bonfa's guitar, i think their compositions are nothing less than amazing. I listen to Braziliana almost everyday for so many years. I started to learn Portuguese becuase of this music. Sadly Maria just passed away. Yet her legacy will always be here.

The volume difference between playback of the same source on the two softwares is puzzling as both were configured for 100 percent volume. Also, frequently noted with JPLAY was a silence of 6 to 10 seconds between playing each track in the playlist. This seems abnormally long but not to the point of being annoying. It didn't happen at all times and no attempt was made to identify any certain set of circumstances where it would occur. JPLAY improved every sound attribute one cares to measure; clarity, detail, soundstage, PRaT, dynamics; everything was better. The combined impact of such an across the board incremental improvement is cumulative and significant. JPLAY consistently delivered a deeper soundstage and increased impression of space around the musicians. JRiver always seemed to be much flatter or 2-dimensional in comparison. The music was more crisp and articulate with improved detail and separation/definition of instruments in the background. On George Duke's Dreamweaver the bass and piano solos on Stones of Orion was more natural and alive. Playing Turn Blue by The Black Keys on JRiver sounded blurred and flatter in comparison to JPLAY. Stephen Fearing's Yellojacket had significantly more airyness and depth. One could feel the room. JRiver didn't come close to matching in this case. The same with Astrud Gilberto's Jungle; with JPLAY there was more air, improved detail and more natural voices. All that being said, it could sound even better. A few months ago we moved into a new house and the music room presently in use is a temporary arrangement in which I have set up my small system. The listening time spent with JPLAY has lead to the conclusion that it's performance is being limited by the hardware in use, most notably the small B & W bookshelf speakers and to a lesser extent the Jaton Operetta amplifier. Being, of course, quite familiar with the characteristics and limitations of these components, I believe that JPLAY is pushing up against a performance wall with this playback system. I am certainly looking forward to the pleasure of listening to JPLAY perform when my best system is up and running upon completion of the music room project. 350c69d7ab


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