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Joseph Cruz
Joseph Cruz

Eplite Maphack for Diablo 2 v1.12-1.13: Features, Tips, and Tricks

I have installed Diablo II 1.12 and then D2SE, which allows me to play my single player game with Plugy (I play on version 1.13c). Now I want to add an item filter. I've found this reddit post _bh_link/ with the BH Item Filter / Map Hack from the slashdiablo guys. I took a suggested config and loaded it in and it seems to work. Still I'm not completely sure how that thing works or if the weird things I experiece are just bugs (f.e. I thought that I filtered all potions below super out, but sometimes they still appear). I would like to have an item filter without bugs and a documentation and help to set it up. My goal is basically this:

diablo 2 eplite maphack for 1.13


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