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Nenjukulle Unna Vachiruken Song

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Nenjukulle Unna Vachiruken Song

Rasa Rasa Unna Vachirukken Nenjile Song: A Melodious Love Duet

If you are looking for a romantic song to express your feelings to your loved one, you might want to listen to Rasa Rasa Unna Vachirukken Nenjile Song. This song is from the Tamil movie Raja, which was released in 2002 and starred Sarathkumar and Shriya Saran in the lead roles. The song was composed by S.A. Rajkumar and sung by Hariharan and Chithra, two of the most popular singers in the Tamil film industry.

The lyrics of the song are written by Pa. Vijay, who is known for his poetic and catchy words. The song describes the love between the two protagonists, who compare each other to a rose flower and a deer's eye. They also express their longing and desire to be with each other always. The song has a soothing melody and a catchy rhythm that will make you sway along with it.

The song was a huge hit among the audience and critics alike, and it won several awards and nominations. It was also one of the most played songs on radio and television channels. The song has a universal appeal and can be enjoyed by anyone who loves music and romance.

So, if you want to impress your partner with a sweet and melodious song, you can choose Rasa Rasa Unna Vachirukken Nenjile Song. You can also watch the video of the song on YouTube[^1^] or listen to it on any music streaming platform. You will surely fall in love with this song and your partner all over again.

If you are wondering about the meaning of the song title, here is a brief explanation. Rasa Rasa Unna Vachirukken Nenjile means "I have kept you in my heart like a sweet juice". It is a metaphor for the love and happiness that the singer feels for his beloved. Nenjile means "in the heart" and it is a common word used in Tamil songs to express love. Rasa Rasa is a repetition of the word Rasa, which means "juice" or "essence". It is also used to denote sweetness, flavor, and emotion. Unna Vachirukken means "I have kept you" and it shows the singer's attachment and devotion to his lover.

The song also has some other beautiful words and phrases that convey the depth and intensity of the love between the couple. For example, Rosa Poovaipolae means "like a rose flower" and it is used to describe the beauty and fragrance of the lover. Kannu Maniya Polae means "like a deer's eye" and it is used to describe the innocence and charm of the lover. Nelli Kothi Vaikum means "the gooseberry tree that gives shade" and it is used to describe the protection and comfort that the lover provides. Aasai Kotti Vachen means "I came with a lot of desire" and it is used to describe the passion and eagerness that the lover feels.

The song also has some rhyming words that make it more catchy and memorable. For example, Vachirukken rhymes with Nenjile, Poovaipolae rhymes with Kannae Kannae, Maniya Polae rhymes with Vachenae, and so on. The song also has some alliteration and assonance that add to its musicality. For example, Raasa Raasa has repeated R sounds, Unnai Kannukulla has repeated U sounds, Nenjilae Rosa has repeated N sounds, and so on.

The song also has some variations in its tune and tempo that make it more interesting and dynamic. The song starts with a slow and soft melody that sets the mood for romance. Then, it picks up speed and energy as the singers express their love more enthusiastically. The song also has some pauses and changes in pitch that create contrast and suspense. The song ends with a high note that leaves a lasting impression on the listeners. ec8f644aee


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