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Italian Movie Download Evidence What Evidence 2

The paper provides an empirical analysis of box office performance for movies produced in Italy between 1985 and 1996. Descriptive evidence documents a decrease in the total number of films produced and a sharp reduction in daily revenues and per screen daily admissions during the sample period. In the econometric analysis various alternative hypotheses on the impact of the ex ante popularity of directors and cast of actors on box office performances are rejected in favour of a quadratic specification with positive externalities between the two factors. The econometric cross-sectional evidence also documents that the net impact of subsidies on total admissions is irrelevant and that the significantly lower performance of subsidised films depends on the lower ex ante popularity of their cast and directors. Results on the impact of specialisation genres and production houses show that very few of them (i.e., the comic specialisation genre and the Filmauro production house) have a significant marginal impact on box office performances after controlling director and actors effects.

Italian Movie Download Evidence What Evidence 2

The findings provide national and European policymakers with much needed evidence on progress made in the EU, as well as in the United Kingdom and in the candidate countries of North Macedonia and Serbia. It gives them evidence-based information so that they can put in place measures to effectively protect and promote the rights of LGBTI people. 2. What has changed since the 2012 LGBT survey? Comparing the results of the 2012 and 2019 surveys shows little, if any, progress. In some areas, the situation got even worse. Importantly, the EU averages mask huge differences between countries. In some, over 70% LGBT people say society is more tolerant while in others, up to 68% say it is less.

As of Sunday 06 March 2022, all arriving passengers into Ireland no longer require completed passenger locator forms, proof of valid vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 in the prior 6 months, or evidence of a negative/not-detected result from a RT-PCR/Antigen test.

December 9, 2001 Posted: 2306 GMT');} else if (!(tst.indexOf("") == -1)) document.write('December 9, 2001 Posted: 2306 GMT'); else if (!(tst.indexOf("") == -1)) document.write('December 10, 2001 Posted: 7:06 AM HKT (2306 GMT)'); else if (!(tst.indexOf("") == -1)) document.write('December 10, 2001 Posted: 7:06 AM HKT (2306 GMT)'); else document.write('December 9, 2001 Posted: 6:06 PM EST (2306 GMT)');//-->Vice President Cheney on NBC's "Meet the Press" WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A videotape discovered in Afghanistan is "one more piece of evidence" that Osama bin Laden was behind the attacks on Washington and New York, Vice President Dick Cheney said Sunday.

In this study we use former melt inclusions found in peritectic garnet to investigate anatexis and fluid regime of metapelitic granulites in samples from the Rundvågshetta area, the thermal axis of the Lützow-Holm Complex (East Antarctica). Peak P-T estimates are 925-1039C at 11.5-15 kbar. The studied rock is a coarse-grained heterogeneous metapelitic granulite with a predominant mafic residual domain and a relatively more felsic, melt-rich domain. The mineral association in the mafic domain typically contains orthopyroxene (Al2O36-8.1 wt.%) + sillimanite + quartz + garnet (Prp42-55Alm40-52Grs3-4Sps0.2-1; XMg0.5) + K-feldspar (Kfs) + cordierite (XMg0.86) + rutile sapphirine biotite (XMg0.75; TiO23.7-5.8 wt.%) plagioclase (An35-46). Interstitial Kfs and quartz with low dihedral angles are often present, in particular as thin films between sillimanite and quartz; these features are interpreted as evidence for the presence of former melt along the grain boundaries. In contrast, the more felsic, melt-rich domain is composed of mesoperthite + quartz + garnet + sillimanite + brown biotite (XMg0.7; TiO23.7-5.4 wt.%) + rutile, but is free of orthopyroxene. Cores of garnet porphyroblasts (0.2-0.8 cm, Prp54-57Alm39-42Grs3-4Sps0.2-0.6, XMg0.57) in the melt-rich domains contain clusters of primary glassy inclusions (GI) and crystallized melt inclusions (nanogranitoids; NI) together with multiphase fluid inclusions (MFI) and accessory phases (mainly rutile and apatite).

Key messages show the extent and main conclusions of the available evidence. Using links within key messages, you can look at the paragraphs describing each study to get more detail. Each paragraph allows you to assess the quality of the evidence and how relevant it is to your situation.

What Works in Conservation provides expert assessments of the effectiveness of actions, based on summarised evidence, in synopses. Subjects covered so far include amphibians, birds, mammals, forests, peatland and control of freshwater invasive species. More are in progress.

Vance ultimately decided there wasn't enough proof and didn't bring a case. Following criticism over the decision last year, prosecutors said police arranged the sting without their knowledge and there were other proof issues, but police pushed back saying they'd presented enough evidence.

Incorporation of biological processes into modeling and operational forecastsAdvancements in predictions of harmful algal blooms (HABs) in the Gulf of Maine have reached a point where the research program will soon transfer to operational forecasting. Forecasts of HABs are already operational in the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Erie. The economic cost of HABs to recreation, fishing, public health, and coastal monitoring in the U.S. is estimated to be nearly $100 million annually. Forecasts of the severity of HABs in recent years have allowed fisheries managers and public health officials to take preemptive action that minimizes costs associated with beach and shellfish bed closures or the treatment of drinking water systems to remove cells and toxins. Recent research and modeling also provided evidence that allowed for the 2013 opening of clam harvesting on Georges Bank after being closed for 22 years.


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