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Zombie 3: Zed and Addison's Quest to Find Their True Identity

Zombie 3: A Disney+ Original Movie Review

If you are looking for a fun and upbeat musical movie that features zombies, werewolves, humans, and aliens, then you might want to check out Zombie 3, a Disney+ original movie that premiered on July 15, 2022. This movie is the third installment of the Zombie franchise that follows the adventures of Zed, a zombie football player, and Addison, a human cheerleader, who live in a town called Seabrook where monsters and humans coexist. In this movie, Zed and Addison face a new challenge when a group of intergalactic aliens arrive at Seabrook to compete in an international cheer-off competition. However, they soon discover that the aliens have ulterior motives that could threaten their world. Moreover, Addison learns a shocking truth about her own identity that could change everything. In this review, we will explore the plot, the cast and characters, the music and songs, the themes and messages, and the pros and cons of Zombie 3.

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The Plot of Zombie 3

The movie begins with Zed (Milo Manheim) and Addison (Meg Donnelly) singing Ain't No Doubt About It, a catchy song that expresses their love for each other and their excitement for their final year at Seabrook High. Zed is hoping to get a football scholarship to be the first zombie to attend college, while Addison is organizing an international cheer-off competition to showcase her skills. Everything seems perfect until a spaceship lands on their football field and three aliens emerge from it. They introduce themselves as A-Spen (Terry Hu), A-Lan (Matt Cornett), and A-Li (Kyra Tantao), who claim to be from Planet Astraia. They sing Alien Invasion, a song that explains their culture and their mission to learn from other planets. They say they are here to participate in the cheer-off competition and ask to join Addison's team. Addison agrees, hoping to make new friends and learn from their cheer skills.

However, things get complicated when Zed and his zombie friends, Eliza (Kylee Russell) and Bonzo (James Godfrey), notice that the aliens are acting suspiciously. They find out that the aliens are actually looking for a powerful device called the Astrolabe, which is hidden somewhere in Seabrook. The Astrolabe is the key to activating the Mothership, a giant spaceship that is orbiting the Earth. The aliens plan to use the Mothership to destroy the Earth and harvest its resources for their own planet. Zed and his friends try to warn Addison, but she does not believe them and thinks they are just jealous of the aliens.

Meanwhile, Addison starts to experience some strange changes in her appearance. Her hair turns from white to blue, and she develops a glowing mark on her neck. She also feels a connection to the aliens, especially A-Li, who seems to know more about her than she does. Addison sings I'm Finally Me, a song that expresses her happiness for finding her true self and her curiosity for her origins. She learns from A-Li that she is actually a descendant of an ancient alien race that once lived on Earth. The Astrolabe is a part of her heritage, and only she can activate it.

As the cheer-off competition approaches, the tension between the monsters, humans, and aliens escalates. Bucky (Trevor Tordjman), the human cheer captain and Addison's cousin, tries to sabotage the aliens by exposing their true identity to the public. The werewolves, led by Willa (Chandler Kinney), Wyatt (Pearce Joza), and Wynter (Ariel Martin), join forces with the zombies to stop the aliens from destroying their home. Zed and Addison have a fight over their different views on the aliens and break up. Zed sings Flesh & Bone, a song that expresses his frustration and sadness for losing Addison and his hope for reconciling with her.

The movie reaches its climax when the cheer-off competition begins. The aliens reveal their true intentions and try to activate the Astrolabe with Addison's help. However, Addison realizes that she does not want to destroy the Earth and decides to join Zed and his friends to stop them. They sing We Got This, a song that shows their determination and courage to face the aliens. They manage to deactivate the Astrolabe and send the aliens back to their planet. The Mothership leaves the Earth peacefully.

The movie ends with Zed and Addison getting back together and celebrating their victory with their friends. They also learn that Addison's mark is actually a map that leads to another Astrolabe in another part of the world. They decide to go on an adventure together to find it and learn more about Addison's past. The movie ends with a message of acceptance, diversity, friendship, and self-discovery.

The Cast and Characters of Zombie 3

The movie features a talented and diverse cast of actors who play the roles of zombies, werewolves, humans, and aliens. Here are some of the main cast and characters of Zombie 3:

  • Milo Manheim as Zed, the zombie football star who loves Addison and wants to protect his home from the aliens.

  • Meg Donnelly as Addison, the cheerleader and alien descendant who wants to find her true self and save the Earth.

  • Trevor Tordjman as Bucky, the human cheer captain who dislikes monsters and tries to ruin their plans.

  • Kylee Russell as Eliza, the zombie activist who helps Zed and his friends stop the aliens.

  • Carla Jeffery as Bree, the human cheerleader and Zed's friend who supports him and Addison.

  • Chandler Kinney as Willa, the werewolf leader who allies with the zombies against the aliens.

  • Pearce Joza as Wyatt, the werewolf musician who has a crush on Addison.

  • Ariel Martin as Wynter, the werewolf dancer who likes Wyatt.

  • Terry Hu, Matt Cornett, and Kyra Tantao as A-Spen, A-Lan, and A-Li, the alien cheerleaders who want to destroy the Earth and use Addison for their plan.

  • Kingston Foster as Zoey, Zed's younger sister who loves monsters and aliens.

  • James Godfrey as Bonzo, Zed's zombie friend who speaks in zombie language.

  • RuPaul as The Mothership, the alien voice that guides the alien cheerleaders and threatens the Earth.

The Music and Songs of Zombie 3

The movie features a soundtrack of original songs that are catchy, upbeat, and meaningful. The songs are composed by George S. Clinton, Amit Ofir, and Shridhar Solanki, and performed by the cast members. Here are some of the songs from Zombie 3:

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  • Ain't No Doubt About It: The opening song by Zed and Addison that expresses their love for each other and their excitement for their final year at Seabrook High.

  • Alien Invasion: The song by the aliens to introduce themselves and their culture to the people of Seabrook.

  • I'm Finally Me: The song by Addison to express her happiness for finding her true self and her curiosity for her origins.

  • Flesh & Bone: The song by Zed and Addison to unite the monsters and humans against the aliens and to reconcile their relationship.

  • We Got This: The song by Zed, Addison, and their friends to face the aliens and save the Earth.

The Themes and Messages of Zombie 3

The movie explores various themes and messages that are relevant and inspiring for the audience. Some of the themes and messages are:



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