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One True Thing Anna Quindlen Ebook 16 EXCLUSIVE

I used my memory to tell true tales of the city, things that happened to real people who shared their own lives with me. They represented the music and flavor of the time. They were stories that sat on the shelf of my institutional memory and spoke to a larger point. The use of parables was not a technique I invented. It was established ages ago by other newspaper columnists, many more gifted than I, some long since dead.

one true thing anna quindlen ebook 16

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The big change that is now happening with ebooks is in the distribution, which is what is, at last, putting them on par with digital music downloads. For the first time there is an intersection between the device people need to read the books (iPhone/iPod/Blackberry/Kindle/Sony e-reader) and the availability of books in electronic format. Digital downloads have eroded a huge chunk of the the CD market. I think digital books will do the same. It's the same phenomenon that's happening to physical newspapers. Now that the Internet delivers the content, the physical object is no longer necessary. This will increasingly become true of books as well. 350c69d7ab


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