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Results showed that femoral rollback of 1 mm improved femur-tibia contact area at 15° knee flexion (from 95.4 to 96.5 mm2) at the mid-stance knee flexion angle of 90°. Patellar resurfacing increased contact area (from 94.0 to 95.5 mm2), and partial patellectomy improved contact area at lower flexion angles (16°). Femoral rollback decreased contact forces by 30% to 67%, and increased the mean stresses in the posterior femur by a factor of two. Partial patellectomy decreased stresses in the posterior femur by half. Femoral rollback increased contact forces in the menisci (by 19% to 40%), but had minimal effect on the stresses in the menisci. Patellar resurfacing decreased contact forces by 30% to 64%, but increased the mean stresses in the menisci by over two.

For the in vivo knee, the flexion-extension rotation of the femur and patella relative to the tibia was simulated using the same coordinate system, but with contact and constraining between the tibial cartilage and the femoral cartilage in vivo femoral and patellar cartilage models. Contact was defined as the surface-to-surface contact which is the master surface corresponding to the femoral cartilage and the slave surface corresponding to the patella.]

The Apple USB Trackpad is a multi-touchpad that works with all major OSes. This driver includes a generic component that maps all buttons to those of the Apple USB trackpad, as well as a generic driver for the multi-touch features.

If another hacker does this, then they will be able to put any game on the ps3 in a matter of minutes! and that means that Sony will be out of the console market for good. We have seen what happens when sony doesn't support games anymore. Nintendo is turning a profit, now it is time for Sony to do the same, or else they are dead.

I don't see the appeal of owning a Sony PS3, and I don't see the value of the PS3 as an entertainment device. Sony has become one of the most untrustworthy companies in the gaming industry in my eyes. 827ec27edc


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