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Father Stu(2022) [UPD]

Stuart Long, a foul-mouthed amateur boxer from Helena, Montana, has a troubled relationship with his parents, who are hostile towards religion since his brother's death. He moves to Southern California to pursue an acting career and gets a job in a grocery store, hoping to get connected in the entertainment industry. He is arrested for DUI and attempts to steal his father's truck to make it to an audition.

Father Stu(2022)

After Stu lands an acting role on an infomercial, he faces discouragement and returns to the bar one night where a mysterious man advises him not to drive home. Stu ignores the advice and drives drunk on a motorcycle, crashing into a car, being thrown off the motorcycle, and run over by another car. Severely injured, he drifts in and out of consciousness and has a vision of the Virgin Mary, who tells him that he cannot die in vain. Stu is transported to the hospital and makes a miraculous recovery. His father visits and re-establishes contact, though their relationship is still strained.

One day while playing basketball, Stu falls and is unable to get up on his own. He is diagnosed with inclusion body myositis, a rare muscular disease similar to Lou Gehrig's disease, and the prognosis is grim. Stu is angry with God but comes to understand his suffering as a gift that draws him closer to Christ's suffering, and he continues in the seminary with difficulty. Carmen, now engaged to another man, visits Stu and supports his vocation. As time passes, he begins losing use of his hands. The rector tells Stu that he cannot be ordained, citing his inability to celebrate the Sacraments. Stu moves back to Montana with his parents, who care for him as his muscles decay, his weight increases, and he loses the ability to live independently. His father, meanwhile, attends Alcoholics Anonymous, where he admits that he feels partly responsible for his son's condition by his neglect and absence.

Parishioners from Stu and Carmen's church in California petition the Diocese of Helena to ordain Stu. The bishop agrees, and Stu is ordained with Carmen, Ham, and his parents in attendance. Stu begins ministry in Montana and quickly develops relationships with people. He is later confined to a skilled nursing facility, where he continues his ministry and people flock to see him daily. Jacob visits him during confession and admits that he never felt capable of becoming a priest and only pursued it to please his father. Stu assures Jacob that there are other ways to serve God and he should not feel pressured to do something he isn't called to do. Jacob thanks Stu and wishes him goodbye, sensing it will be the last time. Stu dies at the age of 50. The closing credits show photos of the real-life Stu as a child, young adult, seminarian and priest.

In FATHER STU, Stuart Long (Mark Wahlberg) is a small-time boxer whose mother (Jacki Weaver) insists that he quit fighting -- although an angry Stuart still believes he has something to prove to his estranged, hard-drinking father (Mel Gibson). Stu takes a job at a supermarket butcher counter, where he spots Carmen (Teresa Ruiz) and starts pursuing her. He learns that she attends a Catholic church and finds her there. To win her heart, he begins attending regularly and even agrees to a baptism. After a drunken motorcycle accident nearly claims his life, Stu feels a calling to become a priest. He throws himself into his studies at seminary, but fate strikes again when he's diagnosed with a progressive muscle disorder called inclusion body myositis. Nevertheless, he continues to fight to achieve his calling.

Growing up in Montana with an abusive father and a loving but ineffectual mother (Bill and Kathleen, played respectfully by Mel Gibson and Jacki Weaver), Stuart became a Montana Golden Gloves heavyweight champ, but had to quit when his jaw wounds became infected. He tells his separated parents that he is going to L.A. to become an actor. With no connections, he takes a position behind the meat counter of a popular grocery on the assumption that Hollywood people have to eat, and so he will be able to connect with one of them.

From an early age, Stuart Long yearns to impress his hard-drinking father Bill, but the death of his brother Stephen, creates a rift in the family. Stu, an amateur boxer, decides to try his luck as an actor in Hollywood, and while working in a grocery store, he falls for Carmen, a member of the Catholic Church. It's a meeting which changes his life forever. Drama, starring Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson, Teresa Ruiz and Malcolm McDowell 041b061a72


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