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Learn Fluid Mechanics with SK Som and G Biswas: A Review of their Book Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines

in the real world of engineering and technology, the use of fluids is ubiquitous. fluid dynamics, or the study of fluids and their properties, has many applications in science and technology. this book covers a wide range of topics on flows of liquids and gases, including topics such as the fluid mechanics of incompressible fluids, transport of energy and momentum in fluids, heat conduction and transport in fluids, and fluid flow in porous media. the book provides detailed analysis of the basic properties of fluids, applications of the basic concepts of fluids, modelling of flows in complex geometries, and solution of complex partial differential equations. the book also covers various fluid-mechanical problems such as boundary layer theory, fluid flow in porous media, fluid-structure interaction, and microfluidics. new developments in each of the topics are also included, especially where the research in recent years has had a significant impact on the understanding of fluid mechanics. the book is divided into three parts. part i discusses the basic properties of fluids, and the elementary and modern concepts of fluid flow. part ii discusses the modelling of flows in complex geometries, such as flows in porous media. part iii covers topics related to practical problems in engineering and science. part i includes chapters on the:

fluid mechanics by sk som and g biswas pdf download

it is rare for me to find a booklet like this one. a very early attempt to integrate the three main areas of fluid dynamics compressibility, turbulence, and viscoelasticity in a way thats accessible to both students and researchers. its a mixture of theory and experiment, with lots of detail explained at the end of every chapter.


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