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Foison C24 Vinyl Cutter 14

hi everyone, ive just purchased my first ever cutter a foison c24. i didnt have much money to play with! i have a problem. should i be able to see the cutter move up and down between jobs because the blade seems to be scoring the surface when it moves between letters. if i back it off so it doesnt mark the surface it wont cut the letters. apparently pressing the test button on the plotter itself should move the cutter up and down but it moves it very quickly from left to right

Foison C24 Vinyl Cutter 14

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the foison c24 vinyl cutter can cut a wide range of vinyls and flex. the foison c24 combines sleek design with exceptional performance. with bundled graphic design software the foison c24 is definitely a sign makers choice. a user friendly display allows the operator to quickly set the parameters of the cutter. the origin is easily set to save material.

hi steve, ive got a secabo c120. this is the same machine. what you will find is that the software you are using isnt really compatible with the machine. the secabo came with flexi starter i couldnt get on with it anyway as im used to using easy sign. the drivers for the cutter is in that package. the guys at easy sign in the head office where really help full and help me out a treat. i was using the hgml setting which wasnt good enough. also are you using vista, if so get rid of it strait away as this also makes the cutter do the same thing you said, it cuts all over the place. i bought the package as vista compatible (is it hell) give us a ring 01726 76445.

i have a old vc that had a motor problem,it did not have a new motor so i replaced it with another machine.both motors are same brand,same voltage,same rpm,same speed and the other machine cuts vinyl great but my problem is that if the vinyl is long it cuts the material so fast that it becomes thin and look like a tube.i have cut some 10 feet vinyl and its looks like a any idea why it cuts so fast


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