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Vengeance Drum Fills Vol 2: A Review of the Best Drum Fill Sample Pack for EDM Producers (Free Download)

this sample pack contains over 1,200 drum kits and drums, divided into six different categories (house, future house, techno, beats, industrial, edm) and then subdivided into 10 different subcategories. every kit has been carefully created and meticulously recorded, in order to make sure the quality of the sounds is top notch. each kit contains the following drum elements: kicks, snares, claps, high hats, snare rolls, toms, bells, glockenspiel, tambourine, cymbals, handclaps, handclaps, and vintage and modern percussion. the drum kits have been recorded in a variety of tempi (140 and 128 bpm) so that they can be used in any kind of project and tempo. all the kits are royalty free and the sounds are 100% perfect for your electronic music production.

vengeance drum fills vol 2 free download

extremely simple, yet extremely useful - this samplepack will work for anyone looking to add a unique and modern touch to their tracks. this pack is designed to be used with any drum machine or sampler, as it contains plenty of one-shots (which can be used as they are, or layered and mis-tempered to get the perfect sound) as well as chord-based loops. this samplepack contains drum loops, drum hits and fills and all the sounds have been edited and processed, giving the packs a unique, modern sound. all the loops and drum hits are provided in three tempi (100, 125 and 140bpm). each set contains the following: kicks, snares, claps, hands, toms, bells, glockenspiel, cymbals, percussion, vocal stabs and ambiences.

a versatile samplepack for the edm producer. a wide range of kicks, claps, snares, and cymbals are included, along with drum fills and various other percussion and fx sounds. kicks and claps are provided in a wide range of tempi (128 and 140bpm), as well as snares, cymbals, handclaps, and more. the sounds have been carefully recorded and edited to provide a truly unique and modern sound. you can use these sounds as they are, or layer and mis-temper them to get the perfect sound.


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