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How to Design and Print Professional Labels with BarTender Barcode Software

If you need to create and print labels, barcodes, RFID tags, signs, or any other type of document, you might want to consider using BarTender barcode software. BarTender is a comprehensive and powerful software that allows you to design, automate, and manage your labeling and printing needs.

In this article, we will show you how to use BarTender barcode software to create and print professional labels in minutes. We will also explain some of the features and benefits of BarTender software and how it can help you streamline your supply chain, comply with industry standards, and improve your productivity.

What is BarTender Barcode Software

BarTender barcode software is a product of Seagull Scientific, a leading provider of label design and printing solutions. BarTender software has been in the market since 1985 and has been trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide. BarTender software supports over 400 printers and more than 100 barcode symbologies. It also integrates with databases, spreadsheets, ERP systems, web services, and other applications.

BarTender barcode software comes in four editions: Starter, Professional, Automation, and Enterprise. Each edition offers different levels of functionality and scalability to suit your specific needs. You can compare the features of each edition on the Seagull Scientific website[^1^]. You can also download a free 30-day trial of any edition from the same website[^2^].

How to Create a Label with BarTender Barcode Software

Creating a label with BarTender barcode software is easy and intuitive. Here are the basic steps to follow:

Launch BarTender software and select New Document from the File menu.

Select a label template from the Template Library or create your own from scratch.

Use the Design tab to add text, images, barcodes, shapes, and other objects to your label. You can use the Properties panel to customize the appearance and behavior of each object.

Use the Data Entry Forms tab to create forms for entering data manually or dynamically from external sources.

Use the Print Preview tab to check how your label will look before printing.

Select Print from the File menu or click the Print button on the toolbar to print your label.

You can also use the companion applications of BarTender software to perform advanced tasks such as managing printer drivers, printing from web browsers, automating printing workflows, securing printing access, auditing printing activities, and more.

Why Choose BarTender Barcode Software

BarTender barcode software is not just a label design tool. It is a complete solution that can help you improve your labeling and printing processes in many ways. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose BarTender barcode software:

It is easy to use and learn. You can create professional labels in minutes with its intuitive interface and powerful design tools.

It is flexible and versatile. You can create any type of document for any industry or application. You can also print on any printer or device with its printer-specific drivers.

It is reliable and efficient. You can print at maximum speed and quality with its optimized performance. You can also reduce errors and waste with its conditional printing and data validation features.

It is scalable and adaptable. You can upgrade your edition as your business grows or changes. You can also integrate it with your existing systems and applications with its automation and integration capabilities.

It is secure and compliant. You can protect your data and documents with its encryption and authentication features. You can also comply with industry standards and regulations with its built-in templates and data sources.


BarTender barcode software is a comprehensive and powerful software that allows you to design, automate, and manage your labeling and printing ne


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