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Ntsd 2.9 Download Free [EXCLUSIVE]

YouTube is one-stop destination for all your video related searches. For the latest fiction thriller, a music video, tutorial or any other video, you are surely going to found it on your favorite YouTube. If you have downloaded a number of YouTube videos on your PC and want to enjoy them on your DVD player, a YouTube to DVD converter is what you need. Majority of the YouTube downloaded videos is in FLV format which is not compatible playing on a DVD player. Thus you first need to convert the videos to a compatible format and help you on how to burn YouTube videos to DVD; We list the best solutions below.

Ntsd 2.9 Download Free


If you already have downloaded YouTube videos on your PC, then Wondershare DVD Creator is the best software to use. Using this YouTube DVD converter, you can burn your downloaded videos to a DVD disc, DVD folder, Blu-ray disc or even an ISO file. The Youtube DVD Converter works with all latest OS versions of Windows and Mac system and facilitates quality DVD burning at super fast speed.

By default, the Source tab will open. Click + button to add the downloaded YouTube videos on your PC. You can also drag and drop the videos. Multiple files can be added here which will be shown as thumbnails on the left side of the pane.

Do you want DVD YouTube downloader that not only burns Youtube videos to DVD but also help in downloading desired videos from YouTube? We recommend Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate as the best YouTube Downloader and Converter program that completes the entire process in just a few clicks. The software works as a complete video tool-box, supporting video conversion, download, transfer, and DVD burning. Available for Mac and Windows OS, it is fast and results in high-quality files. Using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac, you can download an entire playlist of YouTube in one go. Option to download YouTube to MP3 in a single click is also there. Once the video is downloaded, it can be converted to DVD/Blu-ray disc, ISO file or DVD folder.

Select the Burn tab from the main software interface. The downloaded videos from YouTube playlist will appear as thumbnails. To edit the videos, select video, click desired icon under the thumbnail and make needed changes.

Step 2: Open desired YouTube videos on your PC's browser and Get their link. Paste the link to the software interface. Once the links are detected, video download process will start. Here you can paste links of individual videos or playlist, channel or other collection.

Step 4: Hit the Create DVD button at the bottom right corner that will open, choose an action window. Select the applicable option and click Continue. The process to download YouTube videos to DVD will start.

Through all the 3 different solutions to download and burn YouTube videos to DVD with YouTube DVD converters , we highly recommend DVD Creator-best Youtube to DVD converter for it's simple interface and multiple functions.

Double-click Debugger to pop up a dialog box, enter ntsd -d in the Value data text box, and click OK. Then the Image File Execution Options is done.

In fact, ntsd -d can also be replaced with other executable programs name, for example, WiseCare365.exe. Then Wise Care 365 will be opened when you try to open a text file.


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