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Undertale Mac Os X PATCHED Download

Made by a tiny team on a modest budget, this digital download took PSN by storm, quickly becoming one of the most played games of the year. Who da thunk turbo-charged motors bashing into a football could be so much craic? Hilarious, high-speed and surprisingly skilful.

Undertale Mac Os X Download

Last night, I uploaded a possible fix for the other person. If you go to the available files to download, look for the one called 'DD possible fix for LoneDeru'. It's a Windows build and what I did was I got rid of the video background on the title screen and replaced it with a static .png file instead to see if that fixes the problem. Give it a go and let me know if it makes any difference :3 If not, I'm gonna have to ask for some help from other people using Unity because I don't know what else could be causing it >.

But yeah, it's gonna turn out to be quite a long game by the time everything I have planned is in there :3 I'll be starting to release the audio-only tracks for download soon + making some audio drama stuff for YT if I have the time.

I'm glad you liked it :3 I'm super excited to work on this project some more because I've had lots of stuff for all the characters planned out since making this at Christmas. I owe Manly a lot for shedding some light on the game because before he played it, hardly anyone had viewed or downloaded it since the jam, haha. Thank you for your kind words :3

It's a long way off, but in the final version of the game, each character (Castor/ia included) will have a story around quadruple the length of the current download. While I did manage to make it a sort of standalone game in time for the end of the jam, the whole thing is far from finished :3 I've got 8-10 character routes planned, and as each character's story unfolds, there will be more story + player choices alongside the fluffy stuff, haha. In the end, there will be far more than just 2 endings per character, and choices will make a much bigger difference if all pans out the way I have it planned.

Yeah, unfortunately, due to the jam time limit, I didn't get too much of a chance to do anything with UI :( As you say, there are issues with padding in the text boxes, among other things >.

* You might need to right click (or ctrl-click) and then select "Open" to get around Mac security settings. Unless you code sign your application you may need to also disable Gatekeeper by setting System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Allow apps downloaded from "Anywhere". I highly recommend turning that back on after you start your application if you do end up needing to allow apps downloaded from "Anywhere"

As for the music, I'm not 100% certain so I'll have to go check the terms on them, but I think that I'm not allowed to share them outside of the game because they're tracks I've purchased at some point which are allowed for commercial use. A lot of stuff like that usually states that you aren't allowed to upload the tracks anywhere where they can be downloaded as they are >.

I downloaded the game yesturday, so it should be the newest version. And as far as i can remember nothing happened before. as to if it was supposed to happen or not, it was shortle after MC tested if he was awake or not in the kitchen.

Sorry, I should have been clearer when I asked you about the version. I meant was it the Windows, Mac, or Linux one that you downloaded? :3 I only ask cos windows is the only one I can test stuff on cos I don't own a Mac or Linux, unfortunately >.


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