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Ragtag will hold its annual birthday party Thursday to celebrate its new-found teenager-hood. Festivities begin at 5:30 p.m., when members of the community can shuffle in, enjoy free cupcakes from Uprise Bakery and possibly a cold one from Schlafly Beer and Golden Barrel Wine.

I wish to reply to the letterTeens not equipped to make life decisions. First of all, we need to understand that teenage pregnancies are an automatic result of the Westernisation of Eastern culture.

Thus, if we choose to adopt the Western culture, we have to adopt it in its entirety. This part- acceptance and part-rejection of Western culture is causing confusion. It is naive for us in Malaysia to have co-ed schools which allow the fraternising and free intermingling between boys and girls and not expect them to have experimental sex with one another.

It is quite common in schools, for boys and girls to sit beside one another, to meet during recess and extra-curricular activities and to walk home or bus together. Many teenage boys and girls then have study sessions together and visit each others house and even spend time in each others bedrooms.

Also important is sex education. Usually sex education involves teaching teenagers the difficulties that unwanted pregnancies bring. This involves requiring teenage girls to wear maternity simulator suits and requiring teenage boys to carry baby dolls.

Free NewspapersBy examining examples of local free newspapers, from ads to articles, participants discuss how free press offers commentary on subjects downplayed or overlooked by newspapers owned by major media corporations.

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